Missouri House District 44

Dr Maren Bell Jones

Thank you to all my supporters during my race for the Missouri State House!  While I was unsuccessful, the reasons I decided to run for office have not changed: because as a house-call veterinarian, I work with people every single day and came to realize we need representatives who work with regular, everyday people on issues that matter to them. I want to focus on what matters to people in Boone County and Randolph County, Missouri.

Science: Healthcare, Education, Environment

Science touches every part of our lives. As a veterinarian trained as a scientist, I want to bring a fact-based perspective into public policy.

Getting Dark Money Out of Politics

Do you know who is buying your politicians? I'm not taking any PAC or Corporate money, relying on donations and support from average people and not billionaires with an agenda. 

Representation for the People

Too many career politicians don't care about the input from their constituents, but I want to hear what is important to you and to all of us in our community.  


If you would like to support my campaign, please reach out! Checks can be made out to "Jones for Missouri" and mailed to the PO Box. 
(573) 639-9503
PO Box 7016, Columbia MO 65205
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Paid for by Jones for Missouri, Michael Vierling. Treasurer
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