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Campaign Values

As a political outsider, I have long been disgusted with how elections in this country are ran.  If you are too, please read on.

No Dark Money!

I believe in clean elections that are funded by direct individual donations.  That means I will NOT accept ANY campaign money from political action committees (PACs or super PACs), lobbyists, or special interests.  All donations will come only from individuals.  I want to work for YOU my fellow citizens in Jefferson City, not special interests, lobbyists, or dark money donors!

Environmental Stewardship

Elections create a great deal of waste.  Even just direct mailers and yard signs alone create a tremendous amount because so much is simply tossed right in the trash (and often rightfully so!).  As environmental concerns are a top priority, I promise to use only recycled and recyclable printed campaign materials and to make a concerted effort to minimize the barrage of wasteful and often annoying election materials.

No Attack Ads

Politics has gotten way too ugly.  I believe a candidate should be able to explain and promote their own beliefs and values instead of constantly attacking their opponents.  As a veterinarian, pet owners trust me with the lives and well being of their pets and to be honest and have integrity in all that I do professionally.  Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.  I will keep up those same principles for this campaign and beyond.

Supporting Local Small Businesses

As a small business owner myself, I understand it our local small businesses that keep our local economy strong.  I pledge to use locally owned companies as much as possible to make campaign materials like business cards, signs, t-shirts, and more!

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