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The Environment

As a veterinarian trained as a biologist, I believe there are few issues more critically important to our world than issues dealing with the environment.  We have a very beautiful state with a rich variety of species, forests, and water systems that we should protect.  While it is tempting to see environmental issues as something to be dealt with on the national level, here locally in Missouri we can do so much to preserve our land for ourselves and future generations.

Most pressing is the issue of climate change.  The current science is clear that global warming is real and that we humans are not only the main cause but we are accelerating the problem.  Change will have to take place on both the individual level by making greener choices but also on the public policy level.

Alternative energy sources are taking off all over the country not only for achieving energy independence but also for good paying jobs.  We as a state and as a nation cannot be left behind or be seduced into thinking it is too big a problem to solve.  It was not even fifty years ago when the Apollo XI astronauts landed on the moon in less than a decade after President John F. Kennedy declared it to be necessary not because it was easy, but because it is hard.  Fifty years ago, computers were massive machines that could easily dwarf a room.  Now we practically have the entirety of the human experience and knowledge that can be accessed almost instantly by a device the size of the palm of our hand.  Just over fifty years ago, the first interstate highway system was constructed in St. Charles, Missouri and now there are nearly 50,000 miles of interstate highways connecting the entire country.

We can’t be left behind.  All sorts of opportunities abound for maintaining and promoting a greener planet from alternative energy and ecotourism to constructing green infrastructure and farming locally produced and ethical food. I would absolutely support these initiatives so Missouri can be a leader using our creativity and ingenuity instead of getting further and further behind.

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